Democrats Link GOP Challengers to Trump’s COVID Record, Efforts to Undo Obamacare

 Democrats Link GOP Challengers to Trump’s COVID Record, Efforts to Undo Obamacare

In a tweet to his 78,000 fans Sunday, U.S. Rep. Harley Rouda, a Democrat from Orange County, California, explained his Republican opponent Michelle Steel’s attendance at an indoor charity event without a mask as “sickening.”

Democratic U.S. Rep. Gil Cisneros also blasted his Republican challenger, Young Kim, on Twitter for going to the “superspreader fundraiser,” calling it a “slap in the face to frontline workers” and his constituents in southern Los Angeles County and northern Orange County.

After President Trump’s superspreader occasion in Orange County last week, @YoungKimCA decided to host her own.

— Gil Cisneros (@GilCisnerosCA) October 26, 2020

Previously in the month, another Democrat, U.S. Rep. TJ Cox of Bakersfield, told a tv dispute audience that his GOP challenger, David Valadao, “remains in lockstep with Donald Trump” which Valadao intends to reverse federal health protections.

These charges by incumbent legislators– who represent vast locations of California, from its inland farmlands to its seaside estates and urban working-class neighborhoods– reflect a disciplined and extensively utilized method Democratic congressional hopefuls are releasing across California and the country: By associating their Republican opponents with the out-of-control coronavirus pandemic and threats to the Affordable Care Act, they want to persuade citizens the Democratic Celebration is the one that can much better protect Americans’ health.

In doing so, they are linking their oppositions to President Donald Trump, who is deeply undesirable in the Golden State, with simply 32%of most likely voters authorizing of the method he is managing his task, according to a recent Public law Institute of California study

” Democrats have been able to tie the nationwide conversation around the coronavirus pandemic with healthcare and with the economy and social discontent,” said David McCuan, a government professor at California State University-Sonoma. “That allows Democrats to turn or hold private districts.”

But the strategy isn’t a slam-dunk for Democrats, particularly in the districts they flipped in 2018– consisting of 7 in California. Despite the altering demographics in the as soon as Republican fortress of Orange County and the Central Valley, McCuan and other political analysts said Republican politician triumphes are possible if even a small number of residents who voted Democratic in 2018 swung back to the GOP.

Republicans have already taken back one of those seats. U.S. Rep. Mike Garcia (R-Santa Clarita) beat Christy Smith in a May unique election– 55%to 45%— to fill the job left after Katie Hill

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