Dominion, Smartmatic Strike Back: Trump And His Lawyers Face Possible Legal Consequences For Flimsy Election Challenges

 Dominion, Smartmatic Strike Back: Trump And His Lawyers Face Possible Legal Consequences For Flimsy Election Challenges


A Dominion Voting Systems staff member took legal action against the Trump campaign, conservative media and lawyers Rudy Giuiliani and Sidney Powell Tuesday for defamation over spreading incorrect conspiracy theories about the company’s voting devices, as the legal backlash to the Trump project and GOP’s overwhelmingly unsuccessful post-election crusade to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s triumph in the courts gains steam. Here’s how the president and his allies are now beginning to face blowback for their litigation efforts:

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Key Realities

Rule employee Eric Coomer submitted a federal suit declaring the Trump project and its allies have spread “incorrect and unwarranted assertions” connecting Coomer to the unmasked Rule voter fraud conspiracy, which has “gotten into [Coomer’s] privacy, threatened his security, and essentially maligned his track record across this nation.”

Dominion has also threatened to take legal action as a business versus GOP figures— namely Powell, who’s mainly responsible for spreading the conspiracy theory– and voting business Smartmatic has actually made its own legal dangers over comparable baseless scams accusations, leading conservative news networks to publicly stroll back their own claims.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the city of Detroit are looking for sanctions against Powell and other lawyers associated with failed lawsuits declaring prevalent scams, which Detroit stated in a court filing are “without any accurate or legal benefit” and aim to “damage democracy.”

The NAACP taken legal action against President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee for supposedly breaking the Voting Rights Act and Ku Klux Klan Act through Trump’s post-election efforts, which they argue attempted to disenfranchise citizens of color, and want the court to block Trump and the RNC from taking part in any subsequent post-election efforts like states without court approval.

Conservative attorney Lin Wood, who has actually joined Powell’s suits and led his own legal obstacles, might be eliminated from representing former Trump project consultant Carter Page in an unrelated Delaware suit, since the judge thinks Wood’s post-election suits may violate Delaware’s standard procedure for attorneys.

A judge in Arizona suggested in a court filing that the state’s Republican politician Party might face sanctions for appearing to have “constructive knowledge, a minimum of, of truths that opposed the accusations” in one of their post-election claims.


In addition to the official legal effects being pursued in court, more than 1,500 legal representatives have motivated the American Bar Association to investigate the Trump project’s legal team, and Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-N.J.) has actually filed ethics grievances in 5 states seeking to have Giuliani and 22 other Trump-affiliated attorneys disbarred for their involvement in the post-election legal efforts. Attorneys in Arizona have actually likewise sent ethics complaints to the state bar concerning lawyers involved in GOP suits in the state.

What To Look For

It’s most likely that additional ask for sanctions may be brought as court challenges continue to play out, and both the Trump project and Powell have appealed their legal fights to the U.S. Supreme Court in current days. Legal experts formerly informed Forbes that it’s totally possible courts will sanction Trump-affiliated attorneys like Powell in response to the mounting ask for them to do so, with Bruce Green of Fordham Law School’s Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics saying “there appears to be a quite compelling argument for punishing” the lawyers. BuzzFeed News notes that it’s possible there might also be ongoing state bar examinations into Trump-related attorneys, as those examinations are generally not revealed unless a punishment is really brought. While conservative news networks like Newsmax and Fox News have actually revealed indications of withdrawing their claims amidst the legal threats, the president has actually not yet revealed any indications that he will end his unwarranted accusations of fraud and attempts to overturn the election, and continued to push unproven accusations of election scams on Twitter Tuesday.

Secret Background

Trump and his allies submitted a deluge of suits in the wake of the November election that looked for to reverse the election results in key battlefield states Biden won, which resulted in nearly 60 court losses and just one minor win The GOP’s litigation has actually been widely dismissed as meritless by legal professionals, and their suits– particularly those filed by Powell– have been derided for prevalent errors that range from small typos to major accurate problems, consisting of mixing up states, making accusations about counties that don’t exist and naming plaintiffs who had actually not accepted sign on to the suit.

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