Donald Trump ‘to be sued’ for unauthorised YMCA use

 Donald Trump ‘to be sued’ for unauthorised YMCA use

The president made a last-minute plea to voters as polls opened by tweeting a montage of himself awkwardly dancing to the 1978 disco anthem – his song of choice to close rallies.

The footage features a series of clips from across the country and shows him shaking his hips, punching his fists and pointing to the crowd.

He posted it under caption: “Vote! Vote! Vote!” and “POTUS knows how to close a show!”

Now Jonathan Belolo, son of the late musician and co-founder of the Village People Henri Belolo, criticised the US president for using the song in campaign videos.

Jonathan, who is also the president of Scorpio Music, said: “The beneficiaries of (band co-founders) Messrs Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo, like the company Scorpio Music, owner

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