Donald Trump’s Hold-up to White House Vaccine Raises National Security Concerns

 Donald Trump’s Hold-up to White House Vaccine Raises National Security Concerns

President Donald Trump delayed plans to vaccinate his White House team, without description, just a short time after a National Security Council spokesperson conjured up a policy regulation to stress the value of securing those at the top of government.

The delay raises questions about national security and the continuity of federal government operations at the greatest level. Trump did state, nevertheless, that White House COVID-19 shots would be delayed “unless specifically essential.”

Considering that Trump returned to operate in the Oval Workplace after he was hospitalized with the coronavirus in October, a variety of staffers have fallen ill as the West Wing became a COVID-19 hotspot

Last week, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani ended up being the current high-profile figure close to the president to announce they had actually caught the virus

John Ullyot, National Security Council representative, said in a Sunday night statement that leading authorities would be among the first to be inoculated versus COVID, as the preliminary vaccine rollout gets underway.

Trump Playing Golf in Virginia on Sunday
United States President Donald Trump climbs up into golf cart number 45 as he golfs at Trump National Golf Club on December 13, 2020 in Sterling, Virginia. Early today, he tweeted a ‘change’ to the plan to immunize White Home staffers against COVID-19 Al Drago/Getty

In doing so, he pointed out the 2016 National Connection Policy, an instruction that “require offering [executive branch leadership] personnel with the appropriate r

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