Donald Trump’s Refusal to Yield the Election Is Something to Be Feared

 Donald Trump’s Refusal to Yield the Election Is Something to Be Feared

For a while, they gave amusement amongst Twitter pundits, cable television news analysts and late-night talk show hosts: Donald Trump’s delusional tweets that he had in fact won the presidential election and the comically inept efforts of his legal group, led by an unhinged Rudy Giuliani, to attempt to overturn the outcomes that have made Joe Biden the president-elect.

The farcical nature of this “clown show,” as MSNBC’s Wille Geist called it on Morning Joe this week, was completely exposed in jaw-dropping press conference this Thursday at which Giuliani, with what appeared like rivulets of hastily applied hair dye streaming down both sides of his face, estimated lines from My Cousin Vinny and tossed out unwarranted accusations of election scams. His accomplice, the conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell declared that Trump “won the election by a landslide” and the only factor the votes don’t support that claim is because they were tampered with by “communists” in Cuba and Venezuela.

The farce on screen even triggered Christoper Krebs, fired by Donald Trump two days previously as the administration’s most senior cybersecurity authorities responsible for securing the presidential election, to weigh in:

However, folks, the joke is over. This is no longer amusing.

It’s time to go back and realize we are witnessing something this country has actually never ever seen prior to: a sitting president attempting to undo a free and fair election and challenging the very basis of our democracy.

Tweets and unimportant claims are one thing (and the Trump team has gone 1 for 32 at last count). However this past week, Donald Trump crossed the line into possibly unlawful territory. He called an election authorities in Michigan’s Wayne County, reportedly providing his support for her choice not to license that county’s greatly Biden-favoring vote (a choice she later on backed down on) and then invited a delegation of Michigan legislators to the White Home, in an evident effort to obstruct

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