Economic Crisis Blues By Reuben Abati

 Economic Crisis Blues By Reuben Abati

” My bro, how you dey?”

” What can we do?”

” E ku economic downturn”

” Excuse me?”

” I said er ku economic downturn …”

” Are you Yoruba people alright at all? You people always make a joke out of everything. Does economic crisis look like a joke to you? Second economic crisis in the last 5 years, the worst in Nigerian history in 33 years, and all you can think of is some meaningless regional welcoming. Somebody at your level need to be above such provincial fixation that naturally forces a Yoruba guy to develop one form of welcoming or another out of every situation. That was how one of your bros satisfied me eating a few days ago, with his eyes rolling like rolling dollars, he informed me: er ku jije mumu. Must you welcome a person for carrying out a natural function? I make sure if a Yoruba guy stumbles on you in the toilet, rather of leaving you alone, he will insist on welcoming you for carrying out a biological function.”

” You do not get it. Sunkunmus riranmus”

” And what gibberish is that?”

” It indicates when we are weeping, we must also keep our eyes open. By the very first quarter of the year, COVID-19 had required government to lock down the nation resulting in the interruption of our lives.

” What we are facing is worse than economic crisis. Hungry and angry kids are now attacking individuals to seize their prized possessions at a rate hitherto hidden.

” But we saw that throughout the attack on COVID-19 palliatives warehouses in the month of October. That wasn’t almost politics. It was an expression of appetite and anger. Even when the people were informed that a particular storage facility had a big storage of poison, didn’t Nigerians assault the very same storage facility?”

” I remember that story, however the issue is that it could get even worse. Have you not in truth, seen that this year’s Black Friday is truly black? With all the disc

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