Election clashes across nation ..

 Election clashes across nation ..

Discontent has actually started across the U.S. ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election, with violent political clashes occurring in Beverly Hills and a get-out-the-vote Black Lives Matter march in North Carolina ending with police pepper spray and 8 arrests.

In Beverly Hills, thousands of President Donald Trump‘s supporters gathered on Saturday afternoon, waving American flags and signs stating support for the Republican candidate.

At around 2.30 pm, video from the scene shows black-clad Antifa advocates attacking an individual in the ‘USA Liberty Rally’. Initially, a Trump advocate is seen grappling with a black-clad counterprotester who is attempting to take away his American flag after heated spoken conflicts.

Seconds after the Trump advocate tosses an elbow at the assailant, a minimum of six other evident Antifa advocates swarm at the pro-Trump demonstrator, pummeling him with fists and a lead pipeline.

In Beverly Hills, political violence broke out between Trump advocates and left-wing groups. Left, a BLM backer and pro-Trump demonstrator stay serene, and right, police separate another pair of clashing protesters

Thousands of President Donald Trump’s fans gathered on Saturday afternoon in Beverly Hills for a’USA Liberty Rally’. Above, the Trump backers hold up 4 fingers as they require ‘4 more years’ for the Republican president

Antifa fans marched to oppose the Trump rally, and violent clashes broke out between the groups as cops had a hard time to keep them apart and preserve the peace

Police officers interview a Trump fan who was attacked in clashes with Antifa in Beverly Hills on Saturday

A Trump supporter (above) was treated for face injuries at the scene after he was pummeled by Antifa supporters, as political unrest turned violent just three days ahead of the November 3 election

At the sound of a police siren, the assailants dispersed and got away into the crowd. The Trump supporter was seen chasing one of the attackers and swinging at his back with a wood flag pole.

Moments later, police stated the rally an illegal assembly and bought the crowd to disperse. Protesters cleared the intersection but the pro-Trump rally continued with a march through Beverly Hills.

The pro-Trump protester had injuries to his face and was treated by the Beverly Hills Fire Department, a cops official stated.

Actor James Woods had a strong response to the incident

Antifa, short for ‘anti-fascist’, is a left-wing movement that seeks to challenge those whom it deems racist or authoritarian. Its fans are understood for dressing in all-black, and being unabashed by physical violence.

The stunning scene in Beverly Hills drew a strong reaction from actor James Wood, an outspoken Trump fan, who required ‘militias’ to res

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