Election misinformation tests Big Tech platforms

 Election misinformation tests Big Tech platforms

Today’s election count is already offering the large tech platforms a taste of their future content-moderation challenges.

The state of play: Each day is showing harder than the last for web gatekeepers in the middle of swirling conspiracy theories, misinformation from chosen leaders and growing violent speech from pockets of the far right.

In addition to the new steps put in location by Facebook:

  • After former Trump consultant Steve Bannon said that Anthony Fauci and FBI director Christopher Wray must be beheaded, Twitter banned the account connected to Bannon’s radio show. Google’s YouTube removed a video of the comments and obstructed the account from uploading videos for a week.
  • Twitter continued to strongly identify tweets from the Trump project and allies and put a caution on a post from Donald Trump Jr., slowing its spread However, the project required to tweeting declarations via screenshots, which seemed to successfully evade action from Twitter (though those posts aren’t spreading as quick).

In between the lines: The pressure isn’t limited to social

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