EU governments plan to ban secure encryption

 EU governments plan to ban secure encryption

The governments of the EU Member States have agreed to ban secure encryption throughout the EU. This emerges from the secret draft of a planned declaration of the EU Council of Ministers, pass away, published by Österreichische Rundfunk(ORF). Although the document initially emphasizes the importance of encryption and vows to promote it, it then calls for “innovative approaches” and technical solutions to break the encryption.

There already seems to be unanimity on this in the Council of EU Ministers. The draft resolution is officially called “Security through encryption and security despite encryption”.

According to estimates by ORF, operators of end-to-end encrypted services such as WhatsApp and Signal should be obliged to generate master keys unnecessarily for operation and to deposit them with authorities. The concrete method is a man-in-the-middle attack and is based on a proposal by British spies.

Only until midday on Thursday do EU governments have time to make “substantial comments”. Already one week

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