Exit the criminal, get in the elite: governmental power go back to the facility

 Exit the criminal, get in the elite: governmental power go back to the facility

Sure, Trump was a four-year con, however a minimum of his final exit wasn’t as boring as over at the inauguration correct.

Lady Gaga carries out as Joe Biden enjoys on at his inauguration (Image: EPA/Michael Reynolds)

Well if he couldn’t do anything else right, the Donald a minimum of placed on a halfway decent last exit. He ‘d done a boring, boilerplate final address to the country from the White House– written for him, no tirades about stolen votes, getting hot ladies in NY in the ’70 s, debunking Santa Claus etc, none of the great old stuff– and now here he was at Andrews Flying Force Base, for the last Flying force One journey.

Makeshift podium, line of flags (17, the Q nutters would note; extremely considerable), the big airplane pulled up in the range. Crowd of well-off invitees. No “low class” types, ie supporters. Bopping along to the Donald’s bizarre rally mix-tape, Creedence’s “Fortunate Son” moving into “Macho Guy”. Gon na miss out on that mixtape.

There has to do with a 30- song swimming pool to it, the favourites reoccur. Here comes “Do not Stop Believin'”. It’s good American flyover c and w with a touch of New York City.

Over at the inauguration proper, it was numerous well-off people in masks, socializing as expensive, timeless diddle-diddle music played, from military bands. Gah, it felt uninteresting immediately, the old regime back.

And yeah Donald Trump was a four-year con, however … “Ladies and gentlemen, the first of three brand-new fanfares, commissioned for …”. 3? 3 new fanfares? This was the establishment’s revenge.

If Trump’s mark was to bring the principles of US popular culture roaring into the centre of public life– reality TV, wrestling, TMZ– this inauguration was plainly going to be the victorious return of the synthetic 18 th century regale that goes to federal government business.

All tailored topcoats and fulsome bows, plinky plonky music, elegant quotes from Bartlett’s and the better angels of our nature, groups called things like the Whiffenproof vocalists and military systems like the 3rd Tripoli Powdered Whig Boys and so on. Everybody sharking around in face masks, pointed, customized.

Crikey Worm

All extremely cravings games.

The Donald then returns to DC while Gen Flynn holds the fort. The space

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