Follow live the first reconfinement weekend in France and ask your questions

 Follow live the first reconfinement weekend in France and ask your questions

Health restrictions, including travel restrictions, have entered into force, but a tolerance will be observed this weekend for returns from All Saints’ Day holidays.



  • Latest details

    • Health restrictions to combat the epidemic came into force on Friday: the French can only leave their homes for certain reasons and with a certificate, as in March.
    • Several separate attestations are rented to allow travel , especially between home and work, when teleworking is not possible, and between home and school. A tolerance will be put in place this weekend for the return from the All Saints’ Day holidays.
    • The trips to exercise or walk your pet are possible put “one hour optimum” and within “a radius of 1 kilometre from home”
    • The government announced on Friday evening that the books and culture departments of the large food and specialist stores would be “temporarily closed”, by “concern for equity between large surface areas and independent bookshops”, constraints to closure.
    • Dining establishments and shops that are closed can deliver their customers, who can also come and collect orders placed online or by telephone.
    • Places of worship remain open, weddings and funerals are allowed under conditions.
    • Driving schools cannot continue driving lessons during the confinement. “Only driving license exams are allowed”, the executive confirmed.
    • Overseas, reconfinement is only applied in Martinique, a territory where the epidemic is on the rise.
    • The government intends to devote “15 billion euros” of aid per month of confinement in order to limit the failures of companies already weakened by the first wave of the epidemic.
    • The number of patients hospitalised in intensive care or intensive care was 3,368 on Friday evening, with 422 new admissions since the previous day, according to figures from Santé publique France. Counting the exits, the number of customers of Covid-19 currently in intensive care has increased by 221 in twenty-four hours.

    Who runs this live feed?

    The journalists Brice Laemle and Marie Slavicek feed this live feed and answer your concerns.

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    Hello (and thank you:-RRB-),

    The decree of October 29th prescribing the general measures necessary to face the Covid-19 epidemic, it is specified that masks must be systematically worn by everyone since the rules of physical distancing cannot be guaranteed. The obligation to wear a mask applies to persons aged 11 years or more, but also “to children aged 6 to 10 years, as far as possible”.

    Your concerns

    Hello cmrt2,

    All essential business travel is allowed, including interregional travel, provided that you have a signed proof of travel from your employer.

    As far as transport is concerned, the SNCF has announced that all the trains scheduled between Thursday and Sunday are being maintained, in order to give the French people the opportunity to return from the All Saints’ Day holidays. This tolerance will end on Monday and the ban on travel between regions will necessarily reduce the number of passengers and trains. “We are waiting to find out in detail the types of exception that could adapt our transport plan”, explained a spokesman for SNCF Voyageurs.

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    What are the consequences of containment on the economy?

    After an almost total standstill in the spring, the effects are being felt in powerful waves on the shores of the real economy, whose indicators are in a state of panic. Thus, on Friday 30 October , INSEE presented the third-quarter growth figures , which one might believe to be positive, since they are up 18.2% on the previous quarter. But the institute warns against this misleading picture: if we compare with the previous year, the fall in GDP is -4.3%, which is enormous.

    The leading confinement, which began on 17 March, has led to the closure of a specific number of activities deemed non-essential. The crisis is thus producing a negative demand shock: households and businesses have been forced to reduce their consumption. Admittedly, the incomes of the French did not plummet, due in particular to short-time working measures , but activity was slow to pick up again. As the country begins a second round of containment, the spectre of an economic crisis is looming, including deflation and social plans.

    The article below shows how the economic effects are becoming more and more pronounced:

    Vos concerns

    Hello Nam’ Jo,

    Several different attestations are available to justify your travels. In your case, it will be the proof of business travel that must be signed by your employer, for a period of time that he determines, and does not need to be renewed every day. This certificate and your identity card are sufficient.

    Vos concerns

    For Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the president of the Medef, the fear is that Amazon will come out “the big winner” of the health crisis. The American giant moreover announced on Thursday the tripling of child net profit over the third quarter, to 6.3 billion dollars. The group of Jeff Bezos had launched, a few days before the announcement of the reconfinement, an interaction campaign on the radio, inviting the French to do their Christmas shopping online: “Buy early and relax” , he proposed by announcing a ” Black Friday before time” from October 26 to November 19.

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