For Trump, it’s all over but the tweeting

 For Trump, it’s all over but the tweeting

Two years ago, President Trump teased Carrots the turkey, who he stated had “refused to yield and required a recount” of a vote that the bird apparently had lost in the annual White Home turkey pardon contest.

On Tuesday, shortly before Trump officially pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey named Corn in a comparable Rose Garden event, the president aligned himself with Carrots, tweeting, “I concede absolutely nothing!!!!!” in uppercase and recommending the Nov. 3 election be re-run.

But after three tense weeks, the vast federal government was unexpectedly carrying on with a formal transition to President-elect Joe Biden, and Trump’s rage-filled tweets appeared detached from any plausible political truth.

Following a choice Monday night by the head of the General Providers Administration, Biden’s team was provided over $6 million to hire staff; was cleared for classified intelligence instructions and to seek FBI background look at nominees; and got cooperation in strategies to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and administer a vaccine.

The Defense Department, the Department of Health and Human Services and other federal departments and agencies revealed they were offering materials and setting up conferences for the Biden group, as the law needs for a regular transfer of power to an inbound administration.

The White House also provided approval for intelligence authorities to start offering Biden the exact same classified brie

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