Former President George W. Bush congratulates Joe Biden on his victory in the US election

 Former President George W. Bush congratulates Joe Biden on his victory in the US election

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23 h10: We’re closing!

“I promise to be a president who doesn’t try to divide, but to bring people together”, launched Joe Biden during his first speech as President-elect. In this post, you can find four computer graphics that shed light on the American presidential election in terms of figures

Jean-Luc Mélenchon “proposes” his candidacy for the presidency, but makes it conditional on obtaining 150,000 citizen sponsorships

Finally, is the hypothesis that a virus escaped from a laboratory could explain the coronavirus pandemic credible ? We untangle in this article the real synthetic, while France has 270 new deaths tonight, and 38 619 new cases.

The derby turns to the advantage of Lyon Les Gones won without the manner against Saint-Etienne (2-1) in the shock of the 10th day e of L1.

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22 h42: In absolute terms, Joe Biden managed to gather more votes than any other president , but his opposition put up more resistance than expected. A real unclear is when states that have been on one side for ages tip over, as in Reagan’s 1980 victory, when he crushed Jimmy Carter by 489 electors to 49 under the incumbent president, taking almost all the states.

22 h39: Hello, how is it not “blue wave”? I want to be alarmed, the gaps may be narrow, but isn’t it already exceptional and highly significant that Democrats have managed to establish a neck-and-neck in Republican strongholds such as Texas, Georgia or Arizona? Can the same be said of the Republicans’ advance into the Democratic strongholds? Merci!

22 h17: I answered a similar question earlier. The state plans to wait until the 12th, the deadline for accepting ballots that would have been sent on the 3rd and stalled on the path.

According to AP, Donald Trump is 80,000 votes ahead while 98s of the ballots have been counted. This is almost enough to win, but “almost” enough, as this New York Times graph

22 h12 clearly shows: You have to ask a question several times … So I try again, I don’t understand what’s stopping North Carolina from validating Trump’s victory. There’s a pretty big difference. Do you have any idea how much longer this rehearsal period is than the one in Pennsylvania? Biden has a rehearsal one possibility?

21 h45: @Tantale This will be the second one after a certain John Fitzgerald Kennedy! Until recently, being of that faith was considered a handicap in the electoral race.

21 h44: I’ll repeat my question in the passage that drowned in the JLM ads: is it common in the United States to have a Catholic President, given that the country is predominantly Evangelical Protestant? I had the keepsake that Catholics had rather bad press, judged a bit too lavish and demonstrative in their practices

21 h32: @Martin The examples that come to mind are more about presidents’ wives, like Hillary Clinton on health insurance and Michelle Obama on food. But I don’t think there’s anything to stop the vice president’s spouse from getting involved in some issues in an ambassadorial role to advance a cause.

9:30 p.m.: Hi, is it common for vice presidents’ spouses to get involved in state affairs like Doug Emhoff to act on issues of justice for the disadvantaged? Does he have any political legitimacy for that?

9:30 p.m.: Here we go, a little dance along Atlanta Roadway for these gentlemen.

21 h29: Et voici Donald Tr … Pardon, voici Rich, “d’une humeur taquine aujourd’ hui”

21 h29: Small Eyes Atmosphere, here in Cobb County, Georgia. These Democrats haven’t slept much, but they’re here for a “victory conference”. #Election2020 CLt

21 h29: Raphael Godet, one of our special envoys to the United States, is not on the road to Memphis, but on the road to victory for the Democrats in the traditionally Republican state of Georgia.

20:58: With the Democratic victory in the US presidential election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in the spotlight more than ever. This is also the case for their respective husbands, the First Woman Jill Biden and the “2nd Gentleman” Douglas Emhoff. France 2 brushes their picture


20 h25: @isa As a good Catholic, Joe Biden went to mass this morning and made no further public appearances. So did his vice-president, who tweeted messages calling for respect for the wearing of masks and social distancing.

A site of the transitional administration has already been uploaded all day, a sign that they have gotten down to work anyway.

20 h21: Good evening, Pierre. Do we know what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did today? They certainly didn’t play golf …

20 h13: “mainstream” is a bit “well-thought-out” in this category of rhetoric, and “lame” is an allusion to “lame duck”, lame duck … Médias boiteuxpensants?

20 h13: Many thanks to @Translation for improving my translation of Donald Trump’s tweet.

8:10pm: Since when does the Lamestream Media call who our next president will be? We have all learned a lot in the last 2 weeks!

20 h09: New tweet from Donald Trump, who still doesn’t admit defeat, but denounces the fact that the lamestream media (if you have a better translation of the pun between “lame” meaning “lame” and “mainstream” meaning “mainstream”) have chosen the identity of boy successor.

20:05: It’s 8:00 p.m., let’s take a quick look at the news this Sunday night.

” I promise to be a president who doesn’t try to divide, but tries to unite”, said Joe Biden in his first speech as President-elect. You can find, in this short article, four infographics which enlighten the American presidential figures

Finally, is the hypothesis of a virus escaping from a laboratory able to explain the coronavirus pandemic credible ? In this post, we untangle in this post the real synthetic, while France counts 270 new deaths tonight, and 38 619 new cases.

The government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, and the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, assured that the government had abandoned the idea of imposed confinement for the elderly

The 33 competitors in the 9th edition of the single-handed round-the-world race set off from Les Sables-d’Olonne at 14:20, 1h18 behind schedule due to fog.

19 h27: “ The first one selected that will change [avec l’élection de Joe Biden], is that NATO will cease to be

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