Fox News checks facts of misinformation on US election

 Fox News checks facts of misinformation on US election

Whoever turns on the US channel Fox News these days might be surprised. Because the program does not run conspiracy theories about possible election manipulations, but a fact check about false statements of their own TV presenters.

Fox News is considered the mouthpiece of incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump When the falsely refused to recognize the election of President-elect Joe Biden, anchors on the TV program vented about election meddling across the country. Among other things, the station accused a company for election software of being in cahoots with billionaire George Soros and wanting to overthrow Trump.

Smartmatic sues against false information

Pass away company in question, Smartmatic, did not want to let this stand. It accused the transmitter therefore now in a complaint of a purposeful disinformation campaign. Vi

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