Fox News Is at War With Itself Over 2020 Election Outcomes

 Fox News Is at War With Itself Over 2020 Election Outcomes

In the early hours of Wednesday early morning, as too-close-to-call battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada were tallying votes, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum— 2 non-opinion characters, who, in theory, are indicated to put the “news” in Fox News– led a panel that laid out the network’s very first line of defense for Donald Trump‘s attempt to take the 2020 election. Soon prior to the president’s interview, in which he considered votes tallied after Election Day were a “scams on the American public,” a straight-faced Baier explained the methods of each campaign as though they were from another location equivalent. On one hand, he stated, Joe Biden is requiring states to meet their legal requirement of counting “every vote.” On the other, Republicans “are going to be saying, ‘No, stop the vote.'” Baier’s visitor, conservative legal scholar Jonathan Turley, chimed in to describe why this situation made Democrats the real criminals: “When individuals state, ‘count every ballot,’ in a scenario like this, it could prove utter insanity.” And MacCallum then doubled down, declaring that there is “going to be a lot of subjectivity in the question of whether or not all of his ballots are valid in most cases.”

Naturally, Baier and MacCallum’s sector justifying the de facto disenfranchisement of Americans due to the trouble of counting mail-in tallies has actually shown to be one of the softer arguments for voter suppression made on the network. In the shows hours after the president threatened to release a Supreme Court stacked with his individual draft choices, Trump’s previous deputy project manager appeared on Fox & Buddies and declared that Trump is yet once again being victimized by the powers that be. “We are winning this election. And the president is going to get to 270,” David Bossie asserted after recommending, without proof, that “they” might extremely well be “stuffing the tally boxes” in Biden’s favor. He continued by signaling that the campaign’s “legal representatives are heating up in the bullpen.” Earlier in the segment, Corey Lewandowski, a senior advisor for the Trump project, also argued that Trump “currently won” North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania– despite Michigan trending in Biden’s favor and Pennsylvania still in toss-up area. “You put all those together, Donald Trump is the president of the United States, and he was reelected last night,” Lewandowski stated.

Somewhere Else, some of the network’s leading skill has actually been lined up with the Trump campaign nearly word-for-word, indicating to their millions of audiences that if Trump loses, it will be the outcome of fraud. Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce misattributed a Stalin quote to claim that elections are not decided by the people, but are instead decided by the couple of “who are counting those votes,” a line she pointed out to falsely claim that Democrats are pulling a Stalin by counting
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