G20 fights against corona and climate change

 G20 fights against corona and climate change

At the end of the two-day videoconference, a joint declaration will then be adopted, focusing on the fight against the corona pandemic. In addition, pass away G20 is likely to set itself the goal of jointly boosting the global economy and offer poorer countries the prospect of further debt relief.

On the other hand, as in recent years, the group, which represents 85 percent of the world’s economic power, is unlikely to find a common denominator when it comes to climate change. The reason for this was and is the withdrawal of US President Donald Trump from the Paris UN climate agreement on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

For Trump, the summit will probably be his last appearance on the big international stage. The video was on for less than two hours when the US president, who was voted out of office but is still in office, left the White House to drive to his golf club in nearby Virginia.

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