Georgia declares Biden the winner after recount, narrowing Trump’s chance of overturning loss

 Georgia declares Biden the winner after recount, narrowing Trump’s chance of overturning loss

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Nov 20, 20204 minute read

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.
U.S. President-elect Joe Biden. Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

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President Donald Trump’s quixotic bid to overturn the Nov. 3 election results was dealt another blow on Friday when a recount confirmed he had lost Georgia, while the winner, President-elect Joe Biden, filled more jobs in his incoming U.S. administration.

Biden, a Democrat, is preparing to take office on Jan. 20, but Trump, a Republican, has refused to concede and is searching for a way to invalidate or overturn the results in a number of states, claiming widespread voter fraud.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger poured more cold water on the Trump campaign’s effort when he confirmed that a manual recount and audit of all ballots cast in the southern state had determined that Biden was the winner.

“The numbers reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision by the secretary of state’s office or courts, or of either campaigns,” Raffensperger, a Republican and Trump supporter, told reporters.

The numbers reflect the verdict of the people

With the door seemingly slammed shut in Georgia and having been stung by a series of court defeats, the Trump team is resting its hopes on getting Republican-controlled legislatures in other battleground states won by Biden to set aside the results and declare Trump the winner, according to three people familiar with the plan.

It is focusing on Michigan and Pennsylvania for now, but even if both those states flipped to the president he would need to overturn the vote in another state to vault ahead of Biden in the Electoral College.

Such an extraordinary event would be unprecedented in modern U.S. history. Trump not only would need three state legislatures to intervene against vote counts as they stand now, but then also have those actions upheld by Congress and, a

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