Go out to help out? Chancellor told he’s prohibited from local club over school meals vote

 Go out to help out? Chancellor told he’s prohibited from local club over school meals vote

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been banned from a club in his constituency for voting against an extension of totally free school meals.

Alex Cook, who owns the The Mill club and its restaurant Il Mulino in North Yorkshire‘s Stokesley, confirmed media reports that he will refuse entry to Mr Sunak and three other Tory MPs since they voted against a proposition to extend the scheme over the vacations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He told Sky News it was a “personal demonstration” to permanently prohibit Mr Sunak, together with Jacob Young, Simon Clarke and Matt Vickers, from checking out the pub – which falls in the chancellor’s Richmond, Yorks, constituency.

The Mill has barred several MPs from visiting. Pic: Facebook

The Mill has barred several MPs from checking out. Photo: Facebook

Mr Cook: said: “I thought it was the only method I might get individuals to listen and see how poor the choice is to permit children to go hungry in 2020.

” Anyone with a good ethical compass would understand that for a government that has invested ₤12 bn on a Test and Trace system that does not work, to not fund food for hungry children is outrageous and can’t be permitted to occur.”

Mr Cook stated he and his staff had received lots of “harassing and dreadful” calls from supporters of Mr Sunak because his choice was first reported.

He insisted the move was made “on principal” and not “in search of publicity”, as some callers had actually recommended, adding: “It’s not me I’m concerned about, however all my personnel who work so tough and don’t deserve these calls.”

Requested for his response to the view that organizations need to not punish members of their neighborhood for issues associating with their occupation, Mr Cook said he would “normally concur” however that he is defending his core beliefs.

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