Hacking attack on U.S.: Trump points at China– Pompeo at Russia

 Hacking attack on U.S.: Trump points at China– Pompeo at Russia

Pass away Opinions differ widely as to who is behind the massive cyber attacks on America. Even in Donald Trump’s administration.

Donald Trump bei einem Besuch des traditionellen American-Football-Duells zwischen der Army und der Navy in West Point im Bundesstaat New York.

Donald Trump during a visit to the traditional American football duel between the Army and Navy at West Point in New York State.

Photo by Andrew Harnik (AP/Keystone/12 December 2020)

After a serious hacking attack on agencies and institutions in the US, it remains unclear how large the scale of the attack actually was and who was behind it. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it was pretty clear that Russia was responsible. But just hours later, President Donald Trump contradicted him. He wrote on Twitter Saturday that in a case like this, the media always points to Russia, but it could very well have been China.

Trump also wrote that the hacking attack was being portrayed in the media as worse than it actually was. However, pass away hackers were able to burrow through US networks undetected for months. 18,000 organizations, agencies and institutions were infected with malware from March to June, according to experts. It was activated–as far as is known so far–only in a small portion of them, thus giving hackers access. But many of those zi

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