‘Halloween Eliminates’ drops another teaser trailer, Jamie Lee Curtis says film links to BLM

 ‘Halloween Eliminates’ drops another teaser trailer, Jamie Lee Curtis says film links to BLM

Published 10: 36 p.m. ET Oct. 30,2020


At the NBR Awards, Jamie Lee Curtis applauds the women who have spoken up versus Harvey Weinstein. (Jan. 9).

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Another teaser trailer for ” Halloween Eliminates” has arrived!

In the most recent trailer for the horror movie, which was set to come out this month prior to the coronavirus pandemic delayed it up until Oct. 15, 2021, Jamie Lee Curtis gives a threatening voiceover as she repeats her function as Laurie Strode.

” Next Halloween, when the sun sets, and someone is alone, he kills,” she says. The trailer then reveals the franchise’s famous baddie Michael Myers getting his renowned white mask from the ground.

In the clips that follow, Myers slashes somebody’s throat, Curtis gradually looks over her shoulder and an angry mob appears to swarm an ambulance.

Kyle Richards, who reprises her role as Lindsey in the film for the first time because the 1978 initial, shared the trailer on her Instagram Thursday.

Throughout her look on SiriusXM on Monday, Jamie Lee Curtis, who has starred as her scream queen character in various “Halloween” movies, including the initial in 1978, went over the upcoming follow up.

According to Curtis, “Halloween Kills” checks out the injury of the other initial “Halloween” characters– not just Laurie’s.

” There are a great deal of other people that had the result of Michael Myers in 1978, and we restored all of those individuals,” she stated. Among those people i

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