Here’s Where Things Stand in the Last 4 States That Will Choose the President

 Here’s Where Things Stand in the Last 4 States That Will Choose the President

Day 2 of vote-counting in the 2020 presidential race is almost over, and former Vice President Joe Biden is on the cusp of success.

After viewing President Trump rack up an early benefit on election night with millions of mail-in ballots still to be counted, Biden surged into the lead on Wednesday. The Associated Press called Wisconsin and Michigan for him, flipping two battlefield states Trump won in2016

And so, on Wednesday night, the race has narrowed to just 4 states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada For Trump to win, he requires Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes plus at least two of the other staying states.

Here’s where things stand in each of those 4 states since Wednesday night:


Pennsylvania, Joe Biden’s house state, has actually long been the state most likely to make or break his White House dreams. Biden began Wednesday routing President Trump by almost 700,000 votes. 6 hours later on, with more than a million mail-in tallies still to be counted, Trump’s benefit had actually shrunk to 463,710 votes. And by 9 p.m. ET, Trump’s lead had actually diminished all the way to 195,000 votes as regional election officials counted and reported mail-in tallies. (The reason for the delay in mail-in vote counting was that local election officials were lawfully forbidden from starting vote-by-mail counting before election day, unlike many other states like Texas and Florida that procedure mail-in tallies as they arrive.)

If the trend of mail-in ballots tilting greatly toward Biden maintains, he might potentially take the lead Pennsylvania by late Wednesday or early Thursday early morning and perhaps go on to win the state by in between 70,000 and 100,000 votes. If he does clinch Pennsylvania, it’s game over for Trump.

A comparable circumstance played out in Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday, with Biden erasing deficits thanks to late-arriving votes. By 9 p.m. ET, Biden had opened up a 120,000- vote advantage in Michigan with an approximated 98 percent of all tallies counted. In Wisconsin, Biden’s leads by simply over 20,000 votes, a slim adequate margin to set off a recount. The Trump project says it will ask for a recount in Wisconsin, however it is unlikely that recount will overturn Biden’s triumph. Former Wisconsin Republican Politician Gov. Scott Walker said on Twitter that Biden’s 20,000- vote mar

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