How do you get America to the Biden period?

 How do you get America to the Biden period?

The United States Senate began, just one day before the presidential inauguration of Joseph Biden, the confirmation hearings for the proposed members of his cabinet, an essential task for the functioning of the new administration and for setting out points on the policies they will implement in the four years ahead

In advance, in the press, opinion articles and social networks, not a few had spoken in favor or against one or other of the nominees, and the decisions of the Senate will be the news that is likely to prevail in the United States, but also the impeachment process of the discredited outgoing president, Donald Trump, who continues to wage war and will be tried on February 8 by the Senate, and the important decision on a $1.9 billion coronavirus pandemic relief package.

The team is already called the most diverse and reflective of society in American history because of its ethnic and gender composition, blacks, women, Latinos, homosexuals. But more than these external characteristics, the specific inquiry is what they have done, what they think, what their performance in the new roles might be

Many have worked together before, so boy a real team, with a background in the Barack Obama administration, and that is why some call this Biden mandate Obama’s third

Five of the nominees by the 46th President of the United States went first to the hearings of the panels of a Senate that ended up under Democratic control by dividing the 100 seats into 50 and 50, but under the presidency of Kamala Harris, the Vice President, whose vote determines any possible tie, according to constitutional rules

Avril Haines, as Director of National Intelligence, brings to bear her skills for the position that served as Deputy Director of the CIA and then Assistant National Security Advisor under Obama; but she faces skepticism from the left for her past involvement in the Obama administration, codifying rules and procedures to

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