How European services are adapting to Brexit

 How European services are adapting to Brexit

By Victoria Bisset
BBC News

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It’s been practically two months because the UK’s post-Brexit free trade deal with the EU came into impact.

Under the brand-new guidelines, European companies must directly pay UK sales tax, or BARREL, on sales under ₤135(EUR155; $190), so they now have to register and file quarterly declarations with the UK authorities.

Other modifications consist of customizeds statements and additional paperwork. So how have they adjusted up until now and what impact have the modifications had?

Laurent Caplat, creator of French online food shop

BienManger took its last orders from the UK on 18 December and shipped them before the brand-new rules came into effect on 1 January. It is unclear if and when it will resume service to the UK.

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image caption Laurent Caplat states he will need to hang out evaluating the costs and modifications before deciding his next step

We run an e-commerce deli, selling a choice of fine foods from France, Europe and worldwide. Around 20%of our orders come from outdoors France.

The UK market is not main to our service, but UK clients were searching for these products and pleased to find them on our website.

Even in November and December it was sort of blurred in terms of what would occur with Brexit and what the guidelines would be. Now we’ve found out about the brand-new procedures to send parcels to the UK however it’s still not extremely clear.

We still have a relationship with some English producers and sell items from England and the UK on our site. And we have customers in England contacting us to say: “I utilized to buy this product on your website, where can I find it?”

It would be an enjoyment to start reselling to the UK however we need to spend more time to much better understand the changes and cost included. The question we have is, is it worth carrying out all of these services for the percentage of company we were finishing with the UK?

From my viewpoint it’s difficult to have an opinion on Brexit: everybody will change and adjust. I just regret that we used to have this free enterprise and it was so simple to do company all throughout Europe, and now it’s more difficult.

Thomas Leppa, co-founder of Finnish online wall sticker label style company Made of Sundays

The company was established around three years ago and has continued to sell to the UK since Brexit.

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image caption Made of Sundays states many of its sales go through an online marketplace that adds the VAT to the price

We are a very small company however around 20%of our exports go to the UK.

The most significant useful thing has actually been the confusion amongst consumers. Many do not comprehend how the system works: people believe if they order above ₤135 they do not ha

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