How Trump Utilized His Pardon Power

 How Trump Utilized His Pardon Power

One of Donald Trump’s last substantial actions as president was to release a raft of pardons and commutations. Trump also pardoned performers like the rap artist Lil Wayne and numerous former congressmen.

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So now that Trump’s presidency is formally over, how does he compare to other presidents when it pertains to his use of the pardon power?

How Trump’s pardons compare to other presidents|FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

Trump won’t decrease in history as the stingiest president because regard. As the table listed below shows, he issued far fewer pardons (143) and commutations (94) than his predecessor, Barack Obama, according to information from the Department of Justice In the end, Trump was typically in line with other Republican presidents.

Trump’s pardon track record appears like other GOP presidents’

Total pardons, commutations and other kinds of clemency approved by each president during their time in office

President Pardons Commutations Other Clemency
Carter 534 29 3 566
Reagan 393 13 0 406
H. W. Bush 74 3 0 77
Clinton 396 61 2 459
W. Bush 189 11 0 200
Obama 212 1,715 0 1927
Trump 143 94 0 237

It was uncommon, though, in just how last-minute Trump’s clemency spree was. Most presidents use their pardoning power more freely as soon as the end of their term remains in sight, however nearly all of Trump’s commutations and pardons were provided in the last couple of months of his term. By the end of September 2020, Trump had issued 27 pardons and travelled 11 sentences. In the following 4 months, he issued 116 par

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