Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to ‘Reverse’ President Trump’s Middle East Agreements

 Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to ‘Reverse’ President Trump’s Middle East Agreements

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) exposed her ignorance when again when she slammed President Trump’s diplomacy. While many Democrats and left-leaning media outlets mostly neglect the president’s peace offers and other successes in the Middle East, Omar thought she would take a crack at it.

On Friday, Omar published a series of tweets lambasting the president for straightening out arrangements that were supposedly not “peace deals” but arms deals. In her rant, she contacted Biden to reverse these arrangements if he ends up being the next president.

“[Trump] just recently inked so-called ‘peace offers’ between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, and Israel,” she tweeted. “The only problem?” she included. “They weren’t peace deals. They’re arms sales to human rights abusers, created to empower the Gulf States and increase the risk of war with Iran.”

The agent’s flurry of tweets followed The Country released a post in which she slammed Trump for collaborating with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She mentioned that the country has actually been accused of dedicating war criminal offenses in Yemen and “has actually likewise been credibly implicated of committing war criminal activities in Libya.”

Omar likewise argued that “Nearly every action taken under President Trump has actually made armed dispute more instead of less likely.”

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