India Coronavirus Dispatch: Suffering may not end even after recovery

 India Coronavirus Dispatch: Suffering may not end even after recovery

New govt scheme for non-Covid medical needs, what went wrong in ‘corona free’ Tripura, and Covid19 impact on motherhood – news on how India is dealing with the pandemic


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Managing Covid-19

New scheme in the offing: The government is preparing a scheme, tentatively titled ‘Jan Arogya Rath’, to cater to the non-Covid medical needs of the population. Under this scheme, the government plans to launch 2,000 hi-tech, GPS-based mobile clinics. The vans will mimic clinics, pharmacists, and pathology labs. The ambitious project will be rolled out in 20 cities in the first phase. It’s still being planned and the eventual launch will depend on PMO’s approval. Read more here.

What went wrong in Tripura? The northeastern state declared itself ‘corona-free’ in the initial stages of the pandemic. However, it soon saw a surge in cases. In terms of prevalence and deaths, only flood-affected Assam is doing worse in the region. While Central panel blamed lack of precautionary measures among residents, the state’s response might have more to do with the spike in cases. Among the many issues facing the state, a skewed distribution of resources is the one to be blamed the most. The state administration allocated disproportionately high amount of resources in West Tripura, which had zero cases, while neglecting areas that were seeing a steady rise. Read more here.

Counselling amid Covid-19: In a Bengaluru counselling centre, a new trend has set itself in: night-time counselling. There has been a steady rise in calls from distressed locals who seek help at night. Officials are now considering making night counselling a permanent feature. This rise is a direct fallout of the coronavirus-induced lockdowns in the state. The calls range from Covid issues to economic ones, but are mostly related to domestic violence. Read more here.

The impact on motherhood: For many new mothers, the pandemic has made the experience of tending to the newborn’s needs doubly compl

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