Irish authorities raise questions with EU over disruptive post-Brexit ‘guidelines of origin’

 Irish authorities raise questions with EU over disruptive post-Brexit ‘guidelines of origin’

Government authorities have actually raised queries with the European Commission about post- Brexit “guidelines of origin” restrictions that are interfering with supply chains of foods and other items originating from mainland Europe to Ireland

Rules of origin are developed to prevent a UK company purchasing inexpensive items from a non-EU country and repackaging and rebranding them and then offering them into the EU tariff-free.

The restriction is, nevertheless, preventing some products moving between 2 EU nations where the items are repackaged in UK distribution centres prior to being provided into the Irish market.

Under the EU-UK trade offer, signed before Christmas, items that are unpacked and repacked in the UK – and exempt to more production – face custom-mades taxes, or tariffs, when reimported back into the EU.

The rules have resulted in serious interruption in supply chains and food scarcities and empty racks in Irish retail outlets of UK grocery store chains, in the Republic and Northern Ireland, and postponed the shipment of other items.

Federal government authorities have made “technical questions” with officials within the commission “to see what the possibilities are”, said one Federal government source, though they cautioned that discovering a fix for the concern was not likely.

” This is Brexit.

” If an excellent comes through England, that doesn’t imply that it ought to come under these guidelines, but if they are repackaged, there is an issue. That is not transit.

” This is an issue which was unforeseen or not visualized to the degree to which it must have been.”

Carol Lynch, a custom-mades partner with specialists BDO, said that an excellent moving from one

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