Is Donald Trump gonna try for a presidential pardon?

 Is Donald Trump gonna try for a presidential pardon?

In a viewpoint published by CNN, Mark Olser, former federal prosecutor and law professor at St. Thomas University in Minnesota, explains what could happen.

As someone who studies and advocates for grace, I will receive many calls if this happens. For according to him, grace has, apart from politics, no counterbalance.

The U.S. Constitution gives the President exclusive discretion over clemency. Historically, presidential clemency has been used as part of a broader criminal law reform project, which could grant pardons to “forgotten” people. “ For example, President Gerald Ford used it to grant thousands of conditional pardons to escapees and deserters from the post-war Vietnam era, and President John F. Kennedy used it to reduce the sentences of some convicted under a draconian marijuana law,” the law professor explains.

How far could it go?

But according to Mark Olser, Donald Trump has already shown that he

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