Is It a Cold, the Influenza, Allergies, or COVID-19?

 Is It a Cold, the Influenza, Allergies, or COVID-19?

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It’s an essential distinction to make.

Breathing health problems can share a lot of the same symptoms — a fever, chills, coughing, fatigue, a sore throat, body aches, a headache, and a packed nose– so it’s hard to discriminate.

” Sadly, there is such a big overlap between the symptoms of COVID-19 and other breathing viral illnesses that the majority of us think it is mostly difficult to tell one from another from signs alone,” states Lisa Maragakis, MD, senior director of infection avoidance at Johns Hopkins Health System.

One symptom that might point you to COVID-19 is the loss of taste and odor, states Monica Lypson, MD, a professor of medicine at the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences. “We do not see those with the other viruses.” You may have a gradual, subtle dulling of taste and smell with a cold, COVID is a much more rapid and dramatic loss of these senses, she says.

Another thing that’s various about the brand-new coronavirus is that it can impact blood vessels and cause embolism. That shows up as signs like chest pressure or pain and a serious headache, Lypson says.

The length of the disease is another idea. Cold and influenza signs will generally disappear in 7 to 10 days, while coronavirus signs can stick around for a lot longer. The problem is, by the time you have actually gone a

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