It’s a joyous Christmas for convicts with connections to Trump

 It’s a joyous Christmas for convicts with connections to Trump

It’s a white, jubilant Christmas for convicts with connections to President Trump. The justice system– and the police who worked years to prosecute these cases– got a big lump of coal.

Why it matters: A senior administration official without any role in the pardon procedure tells Axios that individuals have actually been approaching him to request for pardons on their own, their clients– even their former customers. The demand suggests the final days free-for-all among individuals who want to be on Trump’s comprehensive pardons list for individual and political allies.

Last night, Trump granted complete pardons to 26 more individuals, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, longtime associate Roger Stone and Charles Kushner, dad of Jared Kushner, Axios’ Zach Basu composes

  • Manafort was among the first major Trumpworld figures to be charged in the Mueller examination.
  • Stone was charged and founded guilty for lying to investigators who were penetrating his contacts with WikiLeaks, which launched destructive Democratic e-mails hacked by the Russian federal government during the 2016 campaign.
  • Charles Kushner is a developer who pleaded guilty in 2004 to filing incorrect income tax return, retaliating versus a witness and making incorrect statements to the FEC as part of a prosecution by then-U.S. Lawyer Chris Christie.

Real story: Manafort and Stone were once in company together. In the Reagan years of the early ’80 s, Black, Manafort & Stone was one of the most formidable lobby stores in town.

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