It’s ‘white knuckle time’ for Biden and Trump

 It’s ‘white knuckle time’ for Biden and Trump

WASHINGTON– Members of Florida’s congressional delegation upbraided Joe Biden’s state director recently about Biden’s failure to activate Black citizens in South Florida and around Jacksonville, according to two people who were on the conference call.

The state is among 2 battlefields— together with Pennsylvania– where triumph would likely give Biden a slide path to the presidency His strength or weakness at the top of the ticket may also affect a series of down-ballot races throughout the state. And Democratic Party officials see a barnburner forming up.

In a memo to state celebration experts Monday morning, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Juan Peñalosa discussed his view that a 120,000- ballot edge for signed up Democrats over signed up Republicans heading into Election Day would put Biden in series of winning. NBC News, in combination with the business TargetSmart, has computed that119,552 more Democrats than Republicans had actually voted early face to face or by absentee ballot through Sunday.

” It’s white knuckle time,” Peñalosa wrote in the memo, which was acquired by NBC News.

He might well have actually been speaking for all Americans on the eve of Election Day 2020.

Whether or not the result is clear by the time Tuesday ends, the final day of voting is a conclusion of four years of political, social and cultural mayhem that has further divided an already polarized nation. The cliché that every election is more crucial than all of its predecessors rings particularly true this November as clashing tribes of citizens see a danger to their way of life either in Trump’s re-election or in a transfer of power to Biden.

” By my lights, polarization is not the result of politics, policy or character,” stated Charlie Messina, 77,

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