Jazz Corner: My Near Trysts with Jazz, 3 Near Presidents … And an Actual One!

 Jazz Corner: My Near Trysts with Jazz, 3 Near Presidents … And an Actual One!

This account involves a jazz trumpet player, a saxophonist, a jazz legend and an utilized automobile. We think it is suitable to say that the cynically hearted need to utilize their discretion before checking out any more

At the beginning a disclaimer: This comes from an age when Phony News hadn’t been developed. Reality and veracity ensured.

The large hoardings or signboards, if you please, had the face of Richard Milhous “tricky Dicky” Nixon, looking normally rather enormous, computing and imply, a sure-fire recipe for a skepticism. This hoarding was put up by the rival political celebration, the Democrats and under the face, in vibrant print was the concern, “Would you buy a pre-owned automobile from this guy?”

For the good of democracy, all future elections should make it a requirement for all prospects to have an unflattering photo so that voters will know what they are entering! The utilized vehicle is redundant.

Back to the Nixon signboard. It was a perfectly compelling political rhetorical concern presented to possible citizens and would reject the rival. Vote for a guy you can’t trust? A rhetorical question and not in need of a response other than at the ballot box. I saw this hoarding a number of times taking a trip through the U.S. I do not think anybody actually bought a vehicle from Nixon. I did!

I bought a used car, a 1950 Dodge (appropriate name), a six-cylinder sedan from Mr. Nixon. Outright fact. His first name though was Mike, not Richard. He was a red-haired Irishman. A small technicality, certainly not worth quibbling about here. For the record, I would not have actually purchased an utilized– or any vehicle from Richard Milhous Nixon. That was one Governmental prospect.

Then there was Kennedy, another aspirant for the American Governmental throne.

Prior To he was a candidate for the Democratic nomination (for the 1968 elections), Bobby Kennedy was running for Senator from New York.

The month was February, it was bitterly cold and the project booth served hot coffee. With a few friends, everybody wanting to get out of the wicked weather condition, I strolled into Bobby’s election cubicle. As po

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