Jim Bridenstine: the amazing transformation of the NASA customer in the Trump Era

 Jim Bridenstine: the amazing transformation of the NASA customer in the Trump Era


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  • Jim Bridenstine: the astonishing transformation of the NASA boss during the Trump Era

The NASA customer is leaving. Elected Republican nominated by Trump, Jim Bridenstine has announced that he will not retain his child position under President Joe Biden. Back on the course of the man who had everything to divide and who ended up putting everyone or almost everyone in agreement.

He stayed 30 months at the head of NASA: Jim Bridenstine announcement to leave his post as administrator of the U.S. space agency in reaction to the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House. The end of a surprising journey at the beginning of which he was far from leaving a winner.

When the White House announces child’s intention to appoint him to NASA on September 1, 2017, scientists and Democrats cry foul. It should be said that he succeeds Charles Bolden, former astronaut of Columbia, who spent 680 hours in space and conducted numerous space experiments on the climate and the Earth’s atmosphere. Not the same profile as this ultraconservative Republican elected representative, clearly seen as a vulgar straw man of Donald Trump by elected officials.

A vision which is not necessarily shared by the space actors, starting with the French child counterpart, Jean-Yves le Gall. The president of the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) already knew Bridenstine well before his election: “ It was a few years before Trump’s election , he tells Numerama. As an elected representative, he had written a very interesting connection about space and he made me feel like a brilliant person. He had thought a lot about these concerns when it shouldn’t have concerned him so much at the time in the context of his duties “. Jean-Yves le Gall describes a man “ affable, who goes straight to the point and who is not afraid to tackle fundamental subjects “.

Straw man, climatoskeptic, conservative …

He himself is a member of the Flexibility Caucus, a parliamentary group of the same movement which does not hesitate to criticize the Republican Party at the slightest misdeed that is a little too beneficial to the Democrats and which largely supports Donald Trump

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