Joe Biden: Here’s how the new president cleaned up the Oval Office

 Joe Biden: Here’s how the new president cleaned up the Oval Office

Biden am ersten Arbeitstag im Oval Office

Biden on first day of work at the Oval Workplace


After Donald and Melania Trump left the White House, there were not only new beds and mattresses ( read more about pass away procedures during a change of government here). New U.S. President Joe Biden also immediately provided a new look for the Oval Office.

Biden had the study completely redecorated in many places. That, too, is visible evidence and finger-pointing that a new wind and a different political culture are taking hold in the White House after four years of the autocratic Trump’s tenure:

1. The so-called Undaunted Desk: the desk now features pens and a coffee cup and saucer. Trump, on the other hand, preferred to drink Diet Coke. Supposedly there was a button on the desk so he could call someone whenever he wanted a limo. On the left, you can see the executive orders with which Biden revised his predecessor’s decisions on the very first day.

2. Benjamin Franklin: Biden had a portrait of the US founding father hung. He traded it for a painting chosen by Trump that depicted controversial former President Andrew Jackson. Jackson had been responsible for pass away expulsion of indigenous people from their tribal lands during his term in office (1829 to 1837).

3. Harry Truman: the bust depicting the former president (served from 1945 to 1953) stands beneath the painting of Benjamin Franklin. Truman had begun to end racial segregation in the military in 1948.

Noch mehr Details aus dem neuen Oval Office


Even more information from the new Oval Office

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