Joe Biden’s sharp speech

 Joe Biden’s sharp speech

One of Joe Biden’s great challenges is to end and overcome what we could call the Trump culture, based on permanent pugnacity, confrontation, contempt for one’s adversary, white supremacism and isolationism, in the midst of the unfolding of globalization and the information revolution, which have gone beyond national borders. Biden must turn that nightmare that was Trump into a footnote; an accident that can be quickly forgotten.

His inaugural address was set in that vein. There were those who expected him to address the great problems of the planet today. It did not. Given the situation that had existed in the United States for some months before the November elections, the new president of the United States had to address, from a basic and strategic vision, the complex crossroads in which American society finds itself. He did so

Trump leaves a divided and polarized country, in which on January 6 there was a failed coup attempt. He leaves a society headed for an eventual civil war. There are more firearms there than people, many of which are in the hands of that sector that sympathizes with the former president, precisely the most aggressive and bellicose. Washington was militarized for the transfer of command. It looked like a city at war. In that environment eriz

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