Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25

 Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25

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Jan 25, 2021 2 hours ago 2 minute read

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Re Editorial cartoon, Jan. 22: It is just Day Two of the Biden era and currently snide criticism has appeared from Gary Varvel, who obviously is a Trump advocate. The whole world offered a sigh of relief on Jan. 20 when Donald slid from the White House. Now maybe the name calling, and blatant disrespect of females and minorities will end, and some sanity will dominate in American politics. Let’s give the current administration the great old Canuck opportunity. Are our neighbours to the south much better off than they were four years earlier? Just stating.

Bob Eberle

( Trump had, and still does have millions of Americans’ support. Do you believe Canada is much better off now that Biden is president? He already made a move that will cost us billions and thousands of tasks)


Re “Tight grip for small hands” (Mark Bonokoski, Jan. 22): This post is an insult to the 74 million Trump fans. Is it really hard to comprehend that many people rate the achievement of a president by the success of his ag

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