LGBTQI Votes For Trump Doubled

 LGBTQI Votes For Trump Doubled

In what is simply one more head smack moment from the United States elections, it appears that polls (poles?– please let this be the end of confusing and unedited presidential tweets) are suggesting that LGBTQI people who voted in the 2020 United States election for Donald Trump, DOUBLED their support because the last presidential election.

Let’s possibly take this report with a grain of salt (that figure could actually be worse) however it does appear a fitting end (if it is) to this 4 year Presidency of overwelming antics and heart stopping headlines.

The New York Times reports from exit surveys that LGBTQI citizens chose Donald Trump in the 2020 election at two times the rate as they carried out in 2016.

If you’ve been following along with the election results at all, you’ll likewise understand that it seems like the significant surveys that the media have been shrieking about, with Biden leading by big margins in most of them, have actually when again been painfully and in some circumstances, shockingly wrong.

It seems that individuals just do not wish to admit

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