Liberalism Loses With Biden

 Liberalism Loses With Biden

Joe Biden is not the male to rejuvenate liberalism. He is its last gasp.

There are unusual exceptions when the president’s celebration gains seats–2002, barely a year after the 9/11 attacks, and 1998 are examples– however come 2022, Democrats will do not have the single biggest source that encouraged their gains in 2018: opposition to Donald Trump. And if President Obama’s individual appeal was not sufficient to bring Democrats to the polls in 2010 or 2018, what are the chances that a President Biden would be able to create sufficient enthusiasm 2 years from now?

There are many things for which a Biden administration might be blamed in the next 2 years, and President Trump’s experience in 2018 reveals that an administration does not automatically get credit from midterm voters for a growing economy.

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