Local leaders optimistic regarding U.S. President-elect Biden’s victory

 Local leaders optimistic regarding U.S. President-elect Biden’s victory

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Julie KotsisWindsor Star

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Nov 07, 20204 minute read

WINDSOR, ONT:. SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 -- The Detroit skyline is pictured Wednesday, September 30, 2020.  (DAX MELMER/Windsor Star)
The Detroit skyline as sen from Windsor is pictured Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. Photo by Dax Melmer /Windsor Star

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With the election of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States, political, union and business leaders on this side of the border are expressing optimism that the long-standing relationship between the countries will flourish.

“I certainly don’t think that any one person can destroy the several-hundred-year-old relationship that exists between Windsor and Detroit,” said Mayor Drew Dilkens. “So there was never a fear of that happening in my mind with (President) Donald Trump.

“Having Joe Biden at the helm, certainly you’ll have more presidential behaviour and he’s not likely to inflame, you know unnecessarily inflame, all sorts of people, groups and organizations and relationships.

“And even though something like NAFTA was renegotiated and we now have the USMCA, and … all three countries (United States, Canada and Mexico) seem relatively happy with that, the process to get there was very inflammatory,” Dilkens said.

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“I think as a Canadian and as someone who watched it … from afar, it was just unnecessarily inflammatory and not the way that you would treat a good friend and a neighbour.”

Saturday afternoon, a number of major news outlets projected that Biden had defeated Trump, who served a rare single-term as president. Biden has promised to unify and mend a nation staggering under the burden of a worsening COVID-19 pandemic, a faltering economy and deep political divisions.

Rakesh Naidu, president of the Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber is pleased with the outcome of the election and looking forwa

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