Loeffler’s wealth, Trump commitment face examination in Georgia

 Loeffler’s wealth, Trump commitment face examination in Georgia

ATLANTA (AP)– In the fight to maintain her U.S. Senate seat, Republican politician Kelly Loeffler has boasted she is “more conservative than Attila the Hun” and has a “100%Trump voting record.” She has backed the president’s unwarranted allegations of voting fraud and rallied with a far-right prospect who revealed assistance for a conspiracy theory that sees Democrats as part of a Satanic kid sex ring.

It’s not the kind of project that fans expected from the superrich previous financing executive. Before she entered politics in 2019, Loeffler ran in Atlanta’s elite circles and didn’t appear fired up by ultraconservative passion. Her appointment to the Senate by Gov. Brian Kemp in December in 2015 was extensively viewed as a method for the Georgia GOP to appeal to moderate suburban ladies.

So as she heads into a runoff election on Jan. 5 against Democrat Raphael Warnock, Loeffler, 50, deals with lingering questions about her political identity and her alignment with President Donald Trump. With Democrat Joe Biden in the White Home, would she be the pro-Trump firebrand who slammed Black Lives Matter and declared Democrats want to reverse the nation’s way of living? Or would she follow the plea for bipartisanship made in a farewell speech by her predecessor, retired Republican politician Sen. Johnny Isakson?

Loeffler has no political experience besides her year in the Senate, and her campaign has actually not focused on comprehensive policy proposals that might offer hints about a future approach. For critics, that leaves her background to parse.

For many years, Loeffler was a deep-pocketed donor to mainstream Republican politicians. She and her other half, Jeff Sprecher, hobnobbed with Mitt Romney and contributed numerous countless dollars to support his governmental campaign in 2012, when he was the celebration’s candidate. She has also helped Maine Sen. Susan Collins and Democrat Chris Dodd.

Loeffler also has actually shown some disposition toward bipartisan comity. As co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, a WNBA group, she postured with Democrat Stacey Abrams on the court when Abrams was running for

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