Lung Ultrasound Beats Chest X-Ray for COVID-19 Medical Diagnosis

 Lung Ultrasound Beats Chest X-Ray for COVID-19 Medical Diagnosis

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Point-of-care lung ultrasound is better than chest x-ray for diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia, according to brand-new research study.

” We continue to be confronted with a diagnostic challenge– clients often have vague non-specific multi-system discussions,” Kendra Mendez, MD, Temple University Medical Facility, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stated in her discussion at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2020 “Unconventional” online congress. Scientists from her center set out to compare portable methods to identify COVID-19

” Lung ultrasound level of sensitivity surpasses chest x-ray,” Mendez confirmed.

Detectives compared the diagnostic performance of lung ultrasound (LUS) performed with a portable hand-held gadget with chest x-ray (CXR) in clients at high-risk for COVID-19 For a definitive medical diagnosis, COVID-19 infection was validated with noncontrast-enhanced computed tomography (NCCT), “the diagnostic standard,” Mendez said, delivering “near-perfect sensitivity of irregular pneumonia radiographically.”

The potential study was performed over a 2-week duration in April 2020 during a surge in COVID-19 cases at Temple

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