Maximum mobilization in the United States Europe is tightening the screw

 Maximum mobilization in the United States Europe is tightening the screw

US President Joe Biden on Thursday promised a “wartime” mobilisation against Covid-19, while Europe, alarmed at the proliferation of new variants on its soil, is tightening the screw. Mr. Biden, the day after the boy’s inauguration, ostensibly took the opposite tack to the policy of his predecessor Donald Trump and denounced the “horrible failure” of vaccine circulation. “Our strategy is based on science not politics, on truth not denial,” he said, signing a series of ten decrees when the country now has a death toll of more than 409,600. In an inaugural speech at the grave heap, Joe Biden warned Wednesday that Covid-19 was about to enter its “hardest and deadliest phase” and called on Americans to “leave politics aside” to face this “dark winter” together.

Signing a series of ten executive orders on Thursday, he announced that anyone arriving by plane in the United States from another country would have to test negative for HIV and “observe a quarantine”. The United States will return to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and “fulfil its financial commitments to the organisation”, according to presidential adviser Anthony Fauci, an immunologist. They will also join the Covax system, leased by the WHO, which is able to distribute vaccines against Covid to disadvantaged countries. Mr. Fauci said Thursday he was relieved not to have to contradict Donald Trump, acknowledging having found himself in “uncomfortable” scenarios with the previous president. “I was uncomfortable with some of the comments because they were not based on scienc

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