Microsoft partner with UK startup to reduce effect of climate modification by air travel market

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Cambridge-based startup Satavia is tapping into the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform to assist aviation market minimise the effect its activities have on the environment

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Released: 21 Jan 2021 17: 00

Microsoft has actually revealed details of how its Azure public cloud platform is supporting a Cambridge-based start-up to achieve its goal of minimizing the aviation market’s impact on the environment.

The company, Satavia, has developed an artificial intelligence-based platform called DecisionX, which makes it possible for airline company operators to create flight courses that are optimised to reduce the contrail clouds produced by an airplane in-flight.

These clouds are typically produced by aircraft as soon as they start cruising above 26,00 0 feet. They are understood to contribute to international warming by trapping heated air in the Earth’s environment– so much so that estimates suggest contrails represent around 60%of the air travel market’s total climate impact.

Satavia’s platform uses weather forecast modelling within the Microsoft Azure cloud to create a high-resolution replica of the Earth’s environment. This, in turn, will enable users to identify where atmospheric changes in the amounts heat, sunshine, wetness, pressure and temperature will happen, which all have influence over how and where contrails will form.

It has likewise moved the high-performance computing (HPC) facilities underpinning its operations from an on-premise datacentre to the Azure cloud too.

Satavia creator and CEO Adam Durant stated the organisation turned to Azure to host its prediction modelling workloads for

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