‘MLK/FBI’ Director: ‘America Has Reached a Tipping Point’

 ‘MLK/FBI’ Director: ‘America Has Reached a Tipping Point’

A variation of this story about “MLK/FBI” and Sam Pollard first appeared in the Documentaries problem of TheWrap’s awards magazine.

The documentary “MLK/FBI” explores the years in the 1960 s when the FBI took part in a clandestine campaign to spy on and reject civil rights activist and leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Director Sam Pollard’s movie is a portrait of a turbulent time when the nation was divided and race relations were a flashpoint for dispute– and it appears now in a various period, however one that is bitterly divided in its own way.

The film premiered at 2020’s Toronto International Movie Celebration, in the wake of Black Lives Matter demonstrations around the nation.

The release likewise coincides with Pollard receiving the Profession Accomplishment Award at the current IDA Documentary Awards, which honored him for 50 years as an editor and director on films that have chronicled the Black American experience.

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Obviously, we’re at a time when the concerns that your film checks out remain in the forefront of the national conversation. Do you have any sense at this point that individuals might be more ready to consider these lessons and consider the American past now?
Things do not constantly turn out the method you want them, but it appears like America has reached a tipping point and let’s hope that things will change in a very considerable way.

I suggest, I grew up in New York City– I didn’t grow up like my dad in Mississippi or my mom in Georgia, who needed to endure the years of segregation. It still existed even when I was growing up, not so much in New York as in other locations in America. And police cruelty against Black men and Black ladies still exists, so let’s hope that the protests in the streets and the reality that neighborhoods are being galvanized can make progress towards a modification in the American mind.

Sam Pollard

Sam Pollard photographed by Chris Loupos for TheWrap

What led you to tell this particular story?
My producer, Benjamin Hedin, came to me and said he had simply read this very interesting book about Dr. King and the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover and the security of King in the ’60 s. So I read the book and thought it would be fantastic to make an extremely serious and intense documentary about how the FBI and

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