Mom Goes Viral After Keeping Trump Presidency Hidden From Her Son for Past Four Years

 Mom Goes Viral After Keeping Trump Presidency Hidden From Her Son for Past Four Years

One mother’s apparent social media post has some adults questioning her parenting skills, because she admitted to lying to her child about who has been president for the past four years.

That’s right: As far as this woman’s child knows, President Donald Trump isn’t in the White House right now, and he never took office.

In a lengthy message originally posted in a Binders Group on Facebook, a woman claimed that she’s led her 6-year-old son to believe that President Barack Obama is still president despite the fact that No. 44 hasn’t been in office for nearly an entire presidential term. The message surfaced on Twitter on Saturday and caught the attention of liberals, conservatives and just plain concerned parents, many of whom feel that the mom was wrong for going through such length to keep the existence of Trump’s presidency from her child.

Mom Lies to Son About Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump golfs at Trump National Golf Club on December 13, 2020, in Sterling, Virginia. Al Drago/Getty Images

“It’s still 2008 in my home. That is, my 6-year-old son assumes Obama is president, he knows Biden is president-elect, but he has no idea Trump exists-which is a deliberate parenting choice I made that spun aa little out of control over the past four years,” the woman’s post reads. “In 2016, I deliberately shifted the way my family consumes information. I swapped all of our print subscriptions for digital, keeping headlines far from the eyes of my curious son. During our morning commute, I changed the channel from NPR to indie music. We stopped watching TV news entirely.”

She then explains in the post: “I thought the election was a mistake that would soon be corrected, and I’d never have to tell my child about Trump until much later-but that didn’t happen.”

The unidentified mother then goes on to admit that her “lie of omission” spiraled to a point where she couldn’t figure out a way to clean it up with the truth. Despite keeping her child in the dark, she noted tha


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