‘Morning Joe’: Trump’s ‘Crazy’ Stimulus Video ‘Undermines’ Relief Effort (Video)

 ‘Morning Joe’: Trump’s ‘Crazy’ Stimulus Video ‘Undermines’ Relief Effort (Video)

The “Early morning Joe” gang squandered no time Wednesday in shredding outgoing president Donald Trump’s Tuesday night effort to modify the bipartisan-approved stimulus costs. Co-host Mika Brzezinski called Trump’s taped video “simply insane” and said he’s “undermining” relief efforts.

In the video, Trump ran a long list of items in the bill that were not directly COVID-relief associated and stated he wants the amount given to each American raised from $600 to $2,000 For the record, Democrats have actually been pushing for bigger look for months but their efforts have been obstructed by Republicans.

The MSNBC early morning program hosts and guests all agreed that Trump’s attempt to obstruct the expense comes too little, too late, and AP White House press reporter Jonathan Lemire likewise explained

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