News Analysis: Joe Biden will take the helm of a nation divided

 News Analysis: Joe Biden will take the helm of a nation divided

Trump has actually long been a cartoon-like bad guy for moderates and progressives.

He personified the split in the national spirit, and his presidency revealed how far apart we had actually grown after decades of a Washington progressively removed from the lives of those it represented.

There was no blue wave.

In case the 2016 election left any doubt, the 2020 election validated that Americans live in parallel universes, each foreign to the other.

On one side are citizens like David Merin, who lives in Newport Beach.

Supporters cheer as the Biden motorcade arrives at Chase Center in Wilmington, Del., on Thursday.

Fans cheer as the Biden motorcade reaches Chase Center in Wilmington, Del., on Thursday.

( Carolyn Cole/ Los Angeles Times)

” Almost every week, there was some sort of statement out of his mouth that, under any other presidency, would have been the scandal of the year,” said Merin, 50.

At the top of his list is the president’s handling of the pandemic.

As the votes began coming this week, Merin, who voted for Biden, was surprised that a more definite majority did not do the very same.

” It’s hard to even understand how anybody paying attention might act differently,” he said.

But that view is equally incomprehensible to people on the other side of the American divide.

Doug Blair, a 63- year-old sales representative from suburban Detroit, stated it is absurd to blame Trump for the pandemic– regardless of the president’s disparagement of masks and public health professionals.

Doug Blair outside his home in Taylor, Mich.

Doug Blair outside his house in Taylor, Mich.

( Kurtis Lee/ Los Angeles Times)

Blair stated the president should have a s

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