|Nerves set in for Joe Biden advocates collected at White Home|Nerves set in for Joe Biden advocates collected at White Home
United States election 2020: ‘We’re going to win this’ says Biden, while Trump takes Texas and Florida

As the battleground state of Florida looked progressively certain to go to United States President Donald Trump, Democratic celebration citizens in the overwhelmingly blue capital Washington placed on brave faces and stated they were preparing to dig in for a long haul.

” We wished to come out to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, hoping for a celebration,” stated Tammi Girgenti, a 51- year-old retired federal government authorities, including: “I’m a little disappointed with Florida, that’s my house state.”

” I’m feeling fine, a bit anxious and a little anxious, but I think Biden can squeeze it out by the end of the night or tomorrow or the next day,” she laughed.

Trump w

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