Newsmax Host Mocks Joe Biden’s ‘Junkyard’ Dog: ‘This Pet Needs a Bath’ (Video)

 Newsmax Host Mocks Joe Biden’s ‘Junkyard’ Dog: ‘This Pet Needs a Bath’ (Video)

The cartoonishness of Newsmax host Greg Kelly never ceases to astonish. On Friday’s episode of “Greg Kelly Reports,” the host took objective at Joe Biden’s pet, Champ, stating the German shepherd appears like he came “from the junkyard.”

” I want to reveal you something I observed. “I love pet dogs, but this dog requires a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care.

Kelly then tried to negatively compare Champ, who is 12 years old, to some past governmental pets, like Expense and Hillary Clinton’s chocolate laboratory Buddy, and George H.W. Bush’s English Spaniel Millie.

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No one included in this segment bothered to compare Champ with John F Kennedy Jr’s German shepherd, Clipper

Here’s a picture of Biden’s pets Champ and Major– Champ, who inexplicably drew the ire of Newsmax, is on the left.

Joe Biden Jill Biden dogs Champ Major

Thanks To Biden Campaign/Dr. Jill Biden

You can enjoy the clip listed below.


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