Newspaper headlines: Extra time in Brexit talks for a “final push”

 Newspaper headlines: Extra time in Brexit talks for a “final push”

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image captionMost of the papers feature the ongoing negotiations between the UK and European Union for a post-Brexit trade deal after Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen agreed to extend talks. The Guardian says the pair have vowed “to go the extra mile” to get a deal.
image caption“Brexit talks until New Year’s Eve” proclaims the Daily Telegraph as it says the latest deadline set for post-Brexit trade negotiations has been missed. The paper says the move has bolstered the expectations that a deal may be done and said there is “mounting speculation” that Brussels is preparing to back down over the introduction of “lightning tariffs”. A call from London mayor Sadiq Khan for schools in the capital to close amid rising Covid infections also gets coverage as the paper says tier three “looms”.
image captionThe Financial Times says hopes have risen of saving a post-Brexit trade deal but the “level playing field” remains a sticking point. The paper says the EU and UK remain “far apart” on key issues and that “talks could go down to the wire”. The paper also carries a story saying that the government is

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